The SaaS Product Power Breakfast with Dave Kellogg and Thomas Otter

TSPPB: Thomas interviews Tim Geisenheimer, CEO /Cofounder of Correlated.

August 15, 2021

Tim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Correlated, the leading product-led revenue platform for sales teams. Correlated recently launched publicly and announced an $8.3 million round of funding led by Harrison Metal and NextView Ventures. Prior to founding Correlated, Tim was an early executive team member at two data and analytics startups: Facet and Timescale. Timescale recently raised a $40 million Series B from Redpoint. Earlier in his career he was on the founding team of TapCommerce, a leading marketing tech startup which was acquired by Twitter for a reported $100 million. Tim has led sales, partnerships and go-to-market teams throughout his career and has witnessed the transition to product-led growth as a go-to-market motion firsthand." He also plays a mean game of Poker. 

We talk Product Led Growth/Revenue.

  • What is PLG? Hype and reality…. 
  • What are its strengths and limitations?
  • How do product managers work in the PLG model?
  • Which team in the revenue org is most responsible for expansion, sales or CS?
  • How do sales teams in companies with a PLG motion optimally insert themselves into GTM?
  • When should PLG companies hire sales?
  • Are “traditional” SaaS companies starting to pursue a PLG model? What’s working/not working?