The SaaS Product Power Breakfast with Dave Kellogg and Thomas Otter

TSPPB: Dave interviews Sandi Lin, CEO and co-founder of Skilljar

September 26, 2021

Sandi has had a remarkable career so far. She trained as a civil engineer at MIT, did an MBA at Stadford, moved into product management at Amazon, and now runs a very successful SaaS company, Skilljar.  Skilljar, founded in Seattle in 2013, is a fully distributed, ~150-person company that provides a customer education platform to over 400 customers. 

We discuss:

  • Why do product managers make great founders?
  • How has your product planning process evolved from founder to startup to scaleup stages?
  • As CEO with a product background, how do you interact with your product team now? Has it been challenging to pull back?
  • You used to work at Amazon. What are key similarities and differences in product management from a large company to a startup?
  • What have you found as your blind spots as a former Product Manager?