The SaaS Product Power Breakfast with Dave Kellogg and Thomas Otter

TSPPB: Dave and Thomas interview Dan Faulkner from Plannuh. How to build great product teams.

August 7, 2021

We speak with Dan Faulkner, CTO of Plannuh, about building great product teams.  Dave is an advisor to Plannuh.

After getting a master’s in speech and language processing, Dan worked for speech recognition powerhouse Nuance for well over a decade, first as a researcher and later moving into product and business unit management.

Our topic is how to build great product teams.  Among other questions, we ask Dan:

  • What makes a great product team?
  • What is his four-part framework for thinking about product teams (e.g., context, talent, change, and location)?
  • Why context matters so much?
  • How to deal with the army you have vs. the army you want?
  • How to think about change and risk?
  • The tradeoffs in location strategy and colocation of PM and ENG?
  • How to think about and drive diversity across a number of dimensions?